Legytdreams is a leading online fashion outfit, offering exquisite men and women’s wears that appeal to a large clientele base. Our commitment is to re-create the one-of-a kind experience of shopping, in all sorts of fashion style.

With an incredible eye for the next best thing in fashion and a passion to surpass expectations, Legytdreams delivers top choices for your fashion needs, to give you the best possible shopping experience. We combine cutting edge designs with affordable price tags, enabling our customers to express their style in a unique way. 

Based in Turks and Caicos, and with an active target market in the United States, we rise above uninspiring and drab fashion statements, to make you look elegant and stylish everywhere you go. To  give our customers what they need, we blend our internationally sourced products– that are handmade and well designed—- with great panache at our disposal. We never aim to take fashion too seriously. We believe life is simple, so also should be your fashion statements. Whether your wish is to be a step ahead of the trends, or subtle is your kind of thing, we definitely got you covered.

 We are trend setters and we go above and beyond to learn about your style and evolving needs, in order to find that perfect piece for you. Your continued feedback and Style Profile answers power the engine of Legytdreams. You can completely reinvent a tired wardrobe, or better still, add some fashion staple with our broad selection of women and menswear. We take our time to understand our customers’ unique needs, and because we know fashion evolves, we are constantly on the lookout to meet up with their  tastes and preferences.

 With our free shipping and record-breaking delivery times, we are poised to give fashion savvy shoppers a best-in-class service, which invariably affords up the opportunities to serve more customers in a refreshingly new way. We stay abreast of fashion in other climes  when we ship to countries like France, Germany, Australia, China, Mexico, United States, UK and the Caribbean,  and infusing the feedbacks  from our customers into our service delivery gives us the impetus to  push the boundaries  and  bring you the latest looks for less.

 Fashion waits for no one. That’s why Legytdreams is designed for the digital shopper on the go. With our interactive website full of added extras, we set another trend in fashion.

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